About our Polished Concrete service

Having now spent almost 30 years working with concrete it was a natural progression to move into polished concrete. We became interested in polished concrete because it demands the type of precision and attention to detail that we love. After extensive training, Dea concrete has adopted the HTC Superfloor system. HTC are a world leader in polished concrete machinery and tools. Click here to find out more.

The most crucial stage that will determine the success or failure in a polished concrete floor is the placing and leveling of the concrete. UNLIKE OTHER CONTRACTORS WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN PLACING AND LEVELING OUR OWN CONCRETE. THAT MEANS THAT WE CAN STAND OVER ALL STAGES OF THE JOB FROM START TO FINISH. Insuring that the concrete is poured at the correct stiffness and strength also that the aggregate will be even when exposed. And most importantly that the floor is superflat and looks amazing after the final finish.

Why Polished Concrete?

As a building material concrete has been around for centuries known for its strength and versatility. Now with advances in technology and machinery plus a surge in popularity todays polished concrete looks very different. Polished concrete is a concrete slab that has been mechanically ground with progressively finer grinding tools until the concrete is transformed into a decorative polished floor. The final finish has all the benefits of the original concrete slab only it is much harder and resistant to staining.

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