Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Based in Wexford we specialise in exposed aggregate concrete finishes.

Based in Wexford we specialise in exposed aggregate concrete finishes. ‘Exposed Aggregate Concrete’ is brand new to Ireland and is perfectly suited to this country’s severe climate conditions. The exposed aggregate finish is achieved when the aggregates (stones, pebbles and sand) near the surface are revealed that would otherwise be concealed by a surface layer of cement paste. The exposed surface of the concrete reveals the natural textures and colours of numerous stones like river pebble and crushed stone. A sealer is then applied to protect and enhance the finished product.

Available to view now from our gallery are a range of sample areas / mix and colour combinations.


Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate has emerged as a beautiful and sturdy architectural paving and because of its strength, low maintenance and hard durable surface it has become a popular alternate to tarmac, matcrete and cobble lock across the world in place which include Australia, USA and Europe. It is also very effective at coping with Ireland’s cold and icy conditions due to the strong grip produced by the exposed stone texture. Preparation is the key, we ensure that the base is prepared to the highest standard to ensure that the concrete has a solid base to support it so it can withstand the test of time.

Where can exposed aggregate be used?

• Driveways: stylist hard wearing and durable surface, performs excellent in high traffic areas
• Pathways
• Patios
• Swimming pool edges and surrounds: textured surface for slip resistance
• Almost anywhere for a lifetime job.

We also offer a wide range of professional concrete services including:
Polished Concrete, Matcrete, Plain Concrete, Brush Finished Concrete, Indoor Smooth Finish, Concrete Kerbing, Concrete Walls and much more.

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